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How To Apply for WIMSE

Before you apply to WIMSE, you must be admitted to Florida State University. Information on Florida State's admissions process can be found on the University's admissions website. When you receive your acceptance letter, stop and congratulate yourself on that huge accomplishment!

Once admitted to FSU, the next step is to apply for University Housing and submit the required deposit. You should do this as soon as possible, even if you are undecided about attending FSU. All FSU Housing assignments (now and in the future) will be made based on your application priority number.

Next, you must have declared a major in one of the participating departments (listed below) or Exploratory II.

     Applied and Computational Mathematics
     Actuarial Science

Biological Science:
     Biological Science
     Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
     Computational Biology
Chemistry & Biochemistry:
     Chemical Science
     Physical Science
     Physics and Astrophysics
     Physics and Materials
     Physical Science
Computer Science:
     Computer Science
     Computer Programming and Applications
     Computational Biology
     Computer Criminology
     Behavioral Neuroscience
Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science:
     Environmental Science
Scientific Computing:
     Computational Science
     Chemical Engineering
     Biomedical Engineering
     Environmental Engineering
     Computer Engineering
     Electrical Engineering

     Industrial Engineering
     Mechanical Engineering

After doing all that, NOW you are ready to apply for WIMSE! You'll complete everything online at the housing website (but remember, only after you’re admitted, have applied for housing, and have selected a qualifying major). If you have a special circumstance or a question about the application process, please feel free to contact the WIMSE Program Coordinator at wimse@fsu.edu.

The first round of applications are due April 3rd, 2023. In the case where applicants appear to be equivalent, the earlier applicant will have priority. We will review applications regularly and may be able to give you your application status unofficially. Based on the written application, some applicants will be invited to participate in a phone interview with a WIMSE student or staff member. Final acceptance is based on both the written application and the interview. You will be notified if you are accepted for an interview between April (TBD) so please be sure to check your FSU email for an interview invitation on those dates. Interviews will take place from April 4th-13th.

Official notifications for the first round of applications will be posted on April 14th, and must be accepted by April 17th.

Have questions?  Attend our Open Forum to talk to current students about their experience in WIMSE,  fill out our WIMSE FAQ Form,  and/or  contact us at wimse@fsu.edu.



The WIMSE Application

The application consists of a few short-answer essay questions:

Q1. What will you contribute to this particular living-learning community? Consider the special interest, background or skills you can share and the characteristics that make you unique.

Q2. If you have chosen your major, what led you to this choice? If you have not yet chosen a major, which major appeals to you and why?

Q3. What was your favorite high school class and why? What was your least favorite high school class and why?

Q4.Please provide an email address and a phone number where we can best reach you in these situations.
1. Based on this written application, some applications to the WIMSE LLC will be invited to participate in a phone interview with an LLC student or staff member; final acceptance into WIMSE is based on both the written application and the interview. If you are chosen for an interview, we will notify you by email.
2. If you are selected as an alternate for any LLC, we may need to contact you very quickly by email or phone when a space becomes available. If you are invited by email or phone, you must accept prompty or forfeit your invitation.


The WIMSE Agreement

By submitting an application, you are agreeing to abide by the WIMSE Agreement.

In accordance with Florida State University's Academic Honor System, I pledge that my responses to the written portion of my application are my own work.
I understand that, if I am accepted as a member of the WIMSE Learning Community at Cawthon Hall, I will have certain responsibilities and obligations. Among these are the following:

1. I will respect and support others in the program as peers as best I can.

2. I will be an active participant in the living-learning community (LLC). This includes enrolling in, attending and satisfactorily completing LLC-exclusive sections of all required fall and/or spring LLC courses.

3. I will participate in meetings scheduled by the faculty director; be willing to help plan activities co-sponsored by students and LLC staff; and attend the various special events and/or presentations that are arranged each year for students in the program.

4. I will give priority to LLC activities over the activities of other student organizations such as sororities, fraternities and clubs. If I plan to participate in sorority recruitment, I understand that, while LLC faculty and staff work with Greek Life staff to minimize any conflicts between recruitment activities and mandatory LLC events, it is ultimately my responsibility to manage my involvement in both of these activities effectively by understanding exactly what each one requires of me and making informed commitments.

5. I understand that if I am reassigned from the residence hall, whether in response to behavioral issues or at my own request, I will be removed from the LLC and my LLC courses.

6. I understand that participation in the program and access to in-house courses are limited to students who receive and accept invitations to the LLC and who live in LLC space in the designated residence hall for the entire academic year.

7. I understand that I may not participate in more than one LLC.

8. If I am eligible for the University Honors Program, I understand that I may participate fully in Honors Program activities while a resident participant in any LLC and that I am not required to live in Honors Housing. (Honors Housing at Florida State University is not considered an LLC.)

9. If I have a mutually requested roommate, I understand that my requested roommate and I will only be assigned together in the LLC if each of us meets all criteria and deadlines for this, including: applying to the LLC; requesting each other as roommates; and being selected for and accepting an invitation to the same LLC.

1. I authorize the director of WIMSE or designee to review my academic records periodically to provide support when needed and ensure continued eligibility for WIMSE.

2. I will purchase a campus meal membership. Florida State University requires all students who live in an east-side, renovated residence hall to purchase a meal membership (www.seminoledining.com) for the academic year.

3. I will attend the overnight WIMSE Welcome Retreat held the Friday afternoon through Saturday morning before classes begin in August. Since this event is required of all new members, I will plan moving, travel, and activity schedules accordingly.

4. I will major in science, mathematics, or engineering. I understand that I will become ineligible for WIMSE and may be reassigned to another residence hall if I change my major to one other than in science, mathematics, or engineering.

5. I will give priority to WIMSE activities over the activities of other student organizations such as sororities and clubs. Please note: students interested in joining a social sorority may have conflicts between the sorority recruitment schedule and the mandatory WIMSE Welcome Retreat. WIMSE and Greek Life have made efforts to minimize these conflicts but it is ultimately up to the student to manage her involvement in both of these activities effectively. Specific information will be available at WIMSE orientation, and we encourage students to thoroughly consider these opportunities and make informed commitments.

1. I will enroll in the one-credit-hour WIMSE Colloquium during both the Fall and Spring semesters.

2. I will enroll in a mathematics course (unless I have satisfied the math requirements for my major) and an appropriate science or engineering course during both the Fall and Spring semesters. This requirement ensures that students will have early exposure to challenging classes while in the supportive WIMSE community, and will have many WIMSE peers in some of the same courses.

As a part of my formal application to become a member of WIMSE at Cawthon Hall, I agree to comply with each of the requirements listed above. I understand that failure to abide by the terms of this agreement may result in reassignment from Cawthon Hall to another available space within University Housing.

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