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There are lots of great options for involvement at FSU. And, let's be honest, we know you have lots of choices in front of you. That's why we asked our current WIMSE students "Why WIMSE?" Here's what they're saying…

Location, Location, Location!

Our students say it all the time, they love Cawthon Hall! This beautiful residence hall was renovated in 2002 with all modern amenities, but still maintains its charm. WIMSE rooms are suite-style with a private bath shared by two rooms. Cawthon is also close to Strozier Library and the Suwannee Dining Hall. When you're not in your room or class, chances are you'll be in one of these two places, so it's really convenient to have them so close. There's also a great view of Landis Fountain and Landis Green, so you'll know when something fun is going on outside.

Cawthon Hall






Research Opportunities

The Research Experience Program (REP) is really the heart of WIMSE. We provide funding for our students who participate in current research in their chosen field. For students in STEM fields, this is a tremendous advantage that will really set you apart when you're looking for a job or applying to graduate school. In the spring, WIMSE hosts a Research Symposium to showcase the work of our REP students. This event is open to students, faculty, staff, friends, and family. REP is optional but strongly encouraged, and it's completely customizable to your specific interests.


Great Connections

WIMSE students instantly gain 30+ friends with similar majors! This means you can usually find someone to walk to class with and a study buddy. You'll be surprised to find a lot of WIMSE students in your other classes too. In WIMSE, you get to meet and interact with many different scientists and researchers on campus, and even tour their labs. We also bring in several guest speakers each year to discuss opportunities for building a STEM career. The networking opportunities are never-ending in WIMSE!

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