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Amy Crisp, Senior, Physics

I am currently a third-year physics major and a member of the Women in Math Science and Engineering program. I have found many benefits of this program not only for my science major but also my general college experience as well. Living on the WIMSE floor my first year, I found myself immersed in an atmosphere characterized by hard work and the desire to learn (something not always found in college dorms). The social activities planned for WIMSE members gave me the opportunity to become friends with other girls who have the same goals and passions that I have. In addition, being part of WIMSE made me aware very early on of the importance of participating in undergraduate research. I have been part of a research group in the experimental nuclear physics department for two years now. The research that I have done in that time not only improved my academics and helped me to create focused career goals, but it has also taken me to conferences in Chicago, Tampa, and Maui and to Capitol Hill as part of the Rare Isotope Accelerator Lobby Day. I cannot say that I would have ever had these amazing opportunities if I had not been directed by WIMSE towards undergraduate research from the very beginning. Overall, I believe that WIMSE has been extremely beneficial for myself, and as a WIMSE mentor I have seen that many members of my own class and succeeding classes feel the same way.

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