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Cynthia Carter, Senior, Psychology

The Women in Math, Science and Engineering Program had a true impact on the student I am today. Through WIMSE, I was able to build a support system of young women who are striving for success the way I was. My freshman year, many of us took the same courses and formed huge study groups and saw the WIMSE tutors together to ensure that we all did well. I honestly believe that if it had not been for WIMSE, I would not have been able to get through some of the difficult courses we had to take. Aside from that, WIMSE has an amazing program in which we are able to do internships. This opportunity has made the biggest impact on me and my future career. I have always been interested in adolescent girls who are battling disordered eating issues, loke anorexia and bulimia. So, as a psychology major, I was able to seek out a professor who was doing research on this topic and ask if there was a spot for me in his lab. Fortunately he did, so for the last 3 semesters I have been working with 2 of Dr. Thomas Joiner's graduate students. They are studying Acculturation and Eating Disorders (trying to determine if this problem is beginning to spread throughout minority communities). I have learned so much about the science of psychology and have been exposed to aspects of the field that many don't experience until they reach graduate school. Although we are doing research, I have gotten experience in the clinical side of psychology as well (my real passion!). I have learned to administer a structured diagnostic interview to participants, giving me a leg up as a future clinician. I owe all of this to WIMSE. I have been able to do so much in just 3 years because of this program. I am now even more prepared to take on the challenges that I will face in graduate school.

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